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Новости - Latest News

16.10.12 Kittens from Pamella and Uzumati were born! Details on the page "Kittens"


23.09.12 Super show-news from Russian Bars Diez! Impeccable descriptions from experts! 2xCAP, nom. BIS and... BEST OF BEST NEUTER unanimously!!! Kristina, Diez we congratulate you with great show results!!!


20.07.12 Hurrah! We are waiting kittens in october from Pamella and Uzumati

30.07.12 We have new e-mail address This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it If you have not received a reply, please send your letter again!


16.07.12 Yes! Little star Russian Bars Deli is avalible again!!! It was very complicated decision for us...


03.06.12 Our Russicat's Pamella. Big, white and fluffy =)


03.06.12 New pics of our "J"-babies!


05.05.12 We have kittens from Russicat's Amadeus & Russian Bars Vasena!!!


20.04.12 Uzumati Olimpian*Ru made its debut in open сlass. Moscow 7-8-th of April. "Содружество 2012", FIFe. There was a severe competition! Experts: L. Glem и M. Koskenkangas. Results ex.1, CAC, BIV


22.03.12 We are waiting for kittens in may!!! =)

11.03.12 Show-neus from Glamur and Bratislavs! For details, click here.

05.05.12 We have kittens from Russicat's Amadeus & Russian Bars Vasen!!!


12.02.12 New pfotos our kittens! They are free!

22.01.12 Little star Uzumati Olimpian*Ru. Moscow (21.01.12). 3 x ex1, nom. BIS, Best in Show and BEST OF BEST JUNIOR 2!!!

15.01.12 New pics with our kittens and Uzumati

03.01.12 New photof with litter "Е"


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